Anubhavananda Prabhu remembers Jayananda Prabhu

Ratha Yatra Festival

I once followed Jayananda with his helpers through the street in Berkeley I believe and I felt I had entered the kingdom of God, we went to a site where they were working on a rathayatra cart.

I remember Jayananda was up high on the cart and he called down to me and asked me twice what was my name like he very humbly wanted to know all the devotees names I believe.

Once I was walking on the sidewalk somewhere I forget but I bumped into Jayananda running from car to car very very enthusiastically distributing Back to Godheads I believe, I stood there entranced by his enthusiasn and I felt a desire to assist him knowing it would be most auspicious for me to serve this obviously great devotee.

And than just as if he read my mind he walked up to me and he asked me to watch a box of Back to Godheads for him and I was very happy to do so but that was Jayananda’s mentality looking for some way to engage souls he met in Prabhupada’s and thus Krishna’s service.

Jayananda I met a few occasions and I was always stunned by his enthusiasm to do service really like he put me in a ecstatic trance.

Yes, certainly we all must follow in Jayananda’s eager footprints, eager to feed the devotees prasadam who blooped living outside, always stunningly humble defeating everyone’s hearts by his eagerness to spread Krishna consciousness some way other you could feel his concern for you and everyone really.

All Glories to Jayananda Prabhu!!!!

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