Tulsi Gabbard‘s True Face

Kali Yuga soldiers fighting in unnecessary wars

Television Interview — July 9, 1975, Chicago:

“Well, according to Vedic conception woman is never offered leadership. But experience has shown that woman’s leadership has not been successful.”

Many devotees have heard about Tulsi Gabbard’s decision to become president (“first female Hindu-President”) and discussing it if it’s right or wrong.

But for one who is studying seriously the teachings of the Founder and Acharya of ISKCON -Srila Prabhupada- he knows for sure this is wrong.

A woman is never offered leadership, she is naturally inclined to become a mother. But men are the opposite, they are eager to take the role of a leader in a group.

Also Prabhupada said we need a monarchist system or dictatorship but never that we need a democracy or females to lead a whole country for protecting it from outsiders.

For more about women leadership:



Looking beautiful , but also from inside!?

She is anti-religion

“You cannot change the different capacities. There is God’s law, nature’s law. Let the man and woman combine together, live peacefully. The woman takes charge of the household affairs, the man may take charge of bringing money, and they meet together, have Deity at home, together chant Hare Kṛṣṇa. Where is the difficulty? That is unity.”

Tulsi Gabbard is known for her modern views. She doesn’t support tradition like her parents seemingly are doing but want that everyone becomes a active feminist.

Women Rights


She supports even to kill babies before they even can see the world. That’s the first very strong fact that is against religion, against souls trying to reincarnate in this world.



What have Prabhupada said about baby killing (abortion)?

Prabhupāda: Oh, yes. That is real life. Real life means you have to minimize your bodily activities so that you can save time and devote for spiritual understanding. That is real life. And the present civilization based on bodily concept of life is animal life. It is not civilized life. Civilized life means athāto brahma jijñāsā—when one is advanced so much so that he inquires about the spirit soul. But there is no such inquiry. 

Like the cats and dogs, they cannot inquire what is spirit soul. So Vedic life means to become free as much as possible from the bodily disturbances. Therefore, the first education is to become brahmacārī, celibacy. You see? Now, at the present moment, they are trying to make the abortion as law. But these rascal cannot check their sex life. You see? Their philosophy is that you shall go on with sex life unrestrictedly, and when there is pregnancy, kill the child. 

David Lawrence: Yes. 

Prabhupāda: This is their rascals’ philosophy. They have no idea that by training one can forget sex life. So if you forget sex life, where is the question of abortion? Where is the question of abortion? But they cannot do that. Therefore, it is said, adānta-gobhir viśatāṁ tamisram [SB 7.5.30]. By nonrestricted sense enjoyment they are gradually going to the animal, lower grade of life. They cannot explain why there are so many varieties of life. They cannot explain. So this killer of baby within the womb, so the result will be that this man who is, I mean to say, indulging in abortion, he’ll be put into the womb, and somebody will kill him. And as many wombs or baby he has killed, he’ll have to take so many lives and being killed. 

David Lawrence: His karma. 

Prabhupāda: So much so that it will be rather impossible for him for hundreds of years not to see the light. He’ll remain in the womb, and being killed. Does not know the nature’s law. One cannot violate the nature’s law. You can violate the state law. Suppose you kill somebody, you can escape by trick. But you cannot escape nature’s law. As many times you have killed, so many times you have to be killed within the womb. This is nature’s law. 

David Lawrence: I was very interested to talk to a nurse in one of the main London hospitals only last week, in fact, and she was saying that they’re having an almost impossible time trying to man these abortion wards now, because all the nurses and doctors just don’t want to do the work. In some cases, she was saying, that they take a baby from its mother’s womb and, you know, it’s sort of put onto a tray and thrown into a litter bin, and you can see it moving. 

Prabhupāda: Yes. 

David Lawrence: And they’ve had one or two cases at their hospital where they’ve gone out afterwards and they’ve seen babies moving. Terrible

Prabhupāda: It has been seen in Calcutta also, in dustbin found out some child, dustbin. 

David Lawrence: Terrible. You know, some are in such an advanced state of pregnancy that clearly life is a strong possibility. 

Prabhupāda: Not advanced stage; life begins from the very beginning of sex. The sex… The living entity is very small. By nature’s law, according to his karma, he’s sent to the father’s semina and that is injected, and immediately the two secretion emulsify, the man’s and the woman’s, and it forms a body just like a pea. That is the formation of body. Now that pea-like form develops gradually. Then first manifestation is the nine holes. Everything is there in the Vedic literature. So nine holes, we have got nine holes. [pointing] 

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. In this way, gradually the senses develop, and by the time seven months, everything is complete and the living entity’s consciousness come back. Prior to the formation of the body, the living entity remains unconscious just like in chloroform, anaesthetic. Then he dreams, and then gradually consciousness… At that time he becomes very much upset to come out, come out. Then nature gives him kat! He comes out. That’s all. This is the process of birth. 

David Lawrence: Miracle. 

Prabhupāda: What do they know? They do not know anything. 


She loves to support Mayavada (impersonal philosophy)

She is not for traditional families

She is also know for supporting homosexual relationships and many more new forms (LGBT) as a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus in the House, she has advocated for LGBT Housing/Privacy rights since she is in the Congress.

In her own words:

The government should not deny those in same-sex relationships the right to marry and enjoy the same benefits, rights, and responsibilities as opposite-sex married couples. Government and political leaders like myself should have no place in determining the most personal aspects of our lives. Government officials should not have the power to declare one relationship ‘morally’ superior to another. As long as the government administers marriages and its benefits, it must remain neutral and treat all Americans as equal.


Prabhupāda: That they are doing. Still they are doing. Just like you said, some sprinkling water. They have no philosophy, and they violate everything what is stated there in Bible. Now you say that “Thou shall not kill”; they say, “Thou shall not murder.” They are molding. Now this homosex they are sanctioning, man-to-man marriage. They are sanctioning abortion

Acyutānanda: Yes. Two homosexuals were married by a priest. 

Prabhupāda: Yes. 

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Now they have a church where the priests are homosexuals and the attending people are homosexual. 

Prabhupāda: Hmm? 

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Now they have churches for homosex. That means the priest is a homosexual, and the persons who come are homosexuals. A special church for homosexuals. 

Prabhupāda: Just see. Is that religion? 

Yaśodānandana: The simple fact that the Christians have to sprinkle water to convert means that they do not have any potency to by philosophy, to preach to them with strong philosophy. 


Women as soldiers, seriously!?

Brahmānanda: Actually, you’re supposed to see other women as mother. 

Prabhupāda: Yes. 

Brahmānanda: But not one’s own wife. 

Prabhupāda: No. Para-dāreṣu. Mātravat para-dareṣu. That is the injunction of the śās… Other’s wife. Not that “Oh, my wife is also my mother.” Just see. This lunacy is going on, and this lunatic man is taken as incarnation of God. This is going on. This homosex propaganda is another side of impotency. So that is natural. If you enjoy too much, then you become impotent. 

Brahmānanda: They are trying to make that more and more accepted in America, homosex. 

Prabhupāda: Yes. The churches accept. It is already law. 

Nitāi: This women’s liberation movement, the leaders are also homosexual. They’re lesbians. 

Prabhupāda: [laughs] Just see. Hare Kṛṣṇa. The whole world is on the verge of ruination. Kali-yuga. [break] 

Brahmānanda: …become ruined. The world is on the verge of ruination, but it doesn’t become ruined; so therefore they think, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. We can go on.” 

Prabhupāda: They do not know what is the meaning of ruination. [break] …so many problems. Still it is not on the verge of ruination? 

Brahmānanda: It’s on the verge


She is also supportive of divorce and remarriage as she married twice in her cult.

Her first marriage lasted only 4 years.


For more about her political views:


With her father, state Sen. Mike Gabbard.

Her master and the influences of her family

Her Guru is called “Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa (Chris Butler)”

“That these rascals are jackals. Now they are talking nonsense. We can detect that “Here is a jackal.” So we have to expose them. They are not leader; they are jackals. So jackals cannot anymore rule over. That should be our propaganda. Not only scientific, all political things, social things, everything. They should be all kicked out. […] It is not a business, to make business and take some money.”

(Srila Prabhupada Morning Walk, 3/5/1973)

Her family is connected with a self proclaimed guru, who is known for brainwashing his disciples in his exclusive cult. He uses Tulsi Gabbard as one of his political assets to advertise him as the spiritual leader of the world. In one video to ISKCON India she acknowledged that she loves and follows him without a doubt (see 3:48 time mark):


In 2015 Tulsi Gabbard has married a cult member of her exclusive club named Abraham Williams.

Second husband Abraham Williams and Tulsi Gabbard

Also her sister had a marriage but she did it very secretly according to :

Tulsi Gabbard is not alone in marrying fellow cult members. Her sister, Davan, has secretly wed a son of Richard V. Bellord, Rupa Bellord, and she now has the legal name of Vrindavan G. Bellord


Her sister and the husband

Her parents (at least Mr. Gabbard) are one of the first disciples after rejecting Srila Prabhupada as their guru.

Now they are accepting Chris Butler as the only means for liberation (“Jagat Guru”)

The following video shows clearly his parents as a part of the cult (TV Show “Jagad Guru speaks”).


Mike Gabbard laughing in the TV show „Jagad Guru speaks“

More about Mike Gabbard and his family:



Enjoying his time in his sterile room (germophobic)

One of the cult survivors (Lalita) is speaking out:

I really wanted to paint this picture of my childhood, because Tulsi Gabbard grew up in the same group that I did. She was subjected to the same environment I was. She’s still surrounded by this group and calls Chris Butler her guru. This is why the increased interest and her rise to power concerns me so greatly. I want to be very clear, I have no issue with Tulsi, as far as I am concerned, she’s as much a victim as I am, more so because she was groomed from an early age specifically for the path she is now on. What I am concerned about is the control I know Chris Butler has over her, the influence he has over her ability to make decisions, decisions that could become law and impact a whole lot of people. I know what an abusive, mysogynistic, homophobic, germophobic, narcissitic nightmare Chris Butler is. And I know what kind of relationship he has with Tulsi.

Full insider report: https://medium.com/@lalitamann/an-insiders-perspective-on-tulsi-gabbard-and-her-guru-e2650f0d09

Srila Prabhupada speaks out about Siddha Svarupa Dāsa (big offences):

“That Gaurasundara and Siddha-svarupa have sold the Temple in Hawaii and abandoned the beautiful Tulasi plants there is a great fall down on their parts. They did not ask my permission. If they wanted to go away they could have, but they had no right to sell the Temple. It is actually a criminal act on their part. Anyone who follows them will also fall down without a doubt.

Now, we have by Krsna’s Grace built up something significant in the shape of this ISKCON and we are all one family. Sometimes there may be disagreement and quarrel but we should not go away. These inebrieties can be adjusted by the cooperative spirit, tolerance and maturity so I request you to kindly remain in the association of our devotees and work together. The test of our actual dedication and sincerity to serve the Spiritual Master will be in this mutual cooperative spirit to push on this Movement and not make factions and deviate. Try to convince Gaurasundara and Siddha-svarupa to return to ISKCON and let us forget whatever has happened in the past.”



“If you see Tusta there you may see also the copy of my letter to get the right idea. These things must be cleared up or there may be danger of split within our ranks. Try to keep the whole situation in unified condition, but if Siddha Svarupa and his disciples are living there separately and peacefully, I have no objection, so long there is no controversy or ill feelings between their camp and yours. You may initiate some program to integrate the two camps by sending some of our own strong men there to assist. And if they get that land as gift, it should be in the name of International Society for Krsna Consciousness. Now I am so much looking forward to seeing all of you, my beloved disciples, there again in near future, so kindly make all arrangements as you know best. I think you wanted me to stop in Djakarta first, so that is all right, but if there is too much strenuous traveling program, that will not be favorable. Better stop in fewer places and have first class programs there, but I am simply at your mercy and I have only the protection of Krsna in all circumstances; therefore, whatever you make me to do, that I am prepared.


Mention the two disciples again who left Prabhupada’s presence:

So that is the law of nature. So nityo nityānāṁ cetanaś cetanānām (Kaṭha Upaniṣad 2.2.13). Then why don’t you accept the supreme authority? This subordinate authority… We have to accept somebody as our leader. It is not possible that we can live without leadership. That is not possible. Is there any party, is there any school, or is there any institution that they’re conducting without any chief leader or director? Can you show me any instance throughout the whole world? Is there any instance? No. Just like from our camp somebody has left, but he has accepted Gaurasundara or Siddha-svarūpa Mahārāja as chief. The principle is there, that you have to accept one chief. But intelligent is that which, what kind of leadership we shall accept. That is knowledge. We have to accept the servitorship or underhand, to become underhand of some person. So the intelligence is that “Whom we have to accept?” That, there lies intelligence: “What kind of leader we shall accept?”


Website from Chris Butler aka Siddha-Svarupa Dāsa


Who is Gabbards guru?


Everything will be satisfied. Just like our women, Kṛṣṇa conscious, they are working. They don’t want equal rights with men. It is due to Kṛṣṇa consciousness. They are cleansing the temple, they are cooking very nicely. They are satisfied. They never say that “I have to go to Japan for preaching like Prabhupāda.” They never say. This is artificial.

Morning Walk — May 27, 1974, Rome

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  1. Oh dear, it gets worse I see. I thought she was just a Gaudiya Math follower, but now to see she is from Siddhaswarupa’s breakaway concoction chills me to the bone. This woman must be stopped and her guru terminated.

    1. Indeed Tulsi Gabbar’ds politicals views about abortion, LGBT and other are controversial, not moral, and against Gaudiya Vaishnava philoshopy, as long as her being rather bad example of supporting family traditions (3 marriages), and it should be asked if she follows instructions of her guru, nevertheless in your comment can be felt party mentality and “her guru terminated” is a call to murder. All Vaishanva sanga’s are the branches of the same tree.

  2. Siddha swarup is a pure devotee of Krishna, if isckon accepted him in the beginning, it could have avoided fall down, he is the most dear disciple of bhaktivedanta swami

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