Prabhupāda exposing Hansadutta.

“I am practically seeing that as soon as they, our students, begin to learn a little Sanskrit, they immediately feel they have become more than their guru. Then the policy is to kill their guru and become guru themselves”. “As soon as he learns that Guru Maharaj is dead, now I am so advanced I can kill guru and become guru. Then he is finished.” (Srila Prabhupada 1976).

Did Hamsadutta Prabhu had already intentions to occupy the Acharya post during Prabhupada’s manifesting Lila? In this article we will look on His Divine Grace quotations about the poison that His disciples spread.

74-10-01. Letter: Hamsaduta:
Srila Prabhupada: From Madhavananda I have heard that there is some worship of yourself by the other devotees. Of course it is proper to offer obeisances to a Vaisnava, but not in the presence of the spiritual master. After the departure of the spiritual master, it will come to that stage, but now wait. Otherwise it will create factions.”

“I made the GBC to give me relief, but if you do like this, then where is the relief. It is anxiety for me. This is the difficulty, that as soon as one gets power, he becomes whimsical and spoils everything.” (Srila Prabhupada Letter, September 12th, 1974)

“I am training some of my experienced disciples how to manage after my departure. So if instead of taking the training, if in my lifetime you people say I am the Lord of all I survey, that is dangerous conspiracy.” (Srila Prabhupada Letter, October 8th, 1974)

Srila Prabhupada said in his Letter to Hamsaduta: “Regarding the poisonous effect in our Society, it is a fact and I know where from this poison tree has sprung up and how it affected practically the whole Society in a very dangerous form. But it does not matter. Prahlada Maharaja was administered poison, but it did not act. Similarly Lord Krsna and the Pandavas were administered poison and it did not act. I think in the same parampara system that the poison administered to our Society will not act if some of our students are as good as Prahlada Maharaja. I have therefore given the administrative power to the Governing Body Commission. (GBC) …. You are also one of the members of the GBC, so you can think over very deeply how to save the situation. It is a fact however that the great sinister movement is within our Society.  …. I have not heard anything from Krsna das or Syamasundara., so all of you may try to save the Society from this dangerous position.” [Srila Prabhupada Letter to: Hamsaduta 2 September, 1970]

Hansadutta creating Havoc in Germany and Prabhupada’s order

“See what is the actual situation there in London. Study it very carefully and let me know how things are going. Hansadutta was giving stress to selling records using all tricks, BY ANY MEANS. The incident in Germany has caused havoc all over the world. It is hampering our reputation everywhere. I do not want this record distribution to continue. It must be stopped immediately. I have already informed Hansadutta. Distributing books is our real business, not these records. Has anyone ever become convinced in Krishna Consciousness by listening to this record? No. He will simply think it is nice magical sounds, that’s all. But, if he reads one book, he will be convinced about spiritual life. That is our success. So, stop this record distribution immediately everywhere. And stress book distribution more and more.

(Letter to Brahmananda — Bombay 7 January, 1970)

Prabhupāda’s Order to Hansadutta to remain permanently in Germany

So I think that you shall remain in charge of German-speaking centers of Europe, and let us keep Krishna das in charge of Scandinavian zone, for developing Sweden and other places in the far northern part. Now you develop Germany very nicely, perfectly, and turn the whole nation into devotees, that is your task, and later we shall see, but I am thinking to appoint other qualified men to supervise as GBC members for Mediterranean, Near East and African countries, as these areas also need to be developed, but you are so much necessary and important there in Germany, and practically Germany is the most progressive country in Europe, so I cannot think of your being absent from there.

(720402 – Letter to Hansadutta written from Sydney)

I was very anxious to return to my Los Angeles home to sit down for translating work. But if you all, my right-hand men, are doing things without consulting me and making such big big changes within our society without getting my opinion and the opinion of all the GBC members then what can I do? I am so much perplexed why you all had done this. I have appointed originally 12 GBCmembers and I have given them 12 zones for their administration and management, but simply by agreement you have changed everything, so what is this, I don’t know. You mentioned that you are taking great help from Atreya Rsi, but Atreya Rsi is not a member of GBC nor has he any position in my scheme to manage the whole society. And I am wondering what is Hansadutta’s idea to leave Germany and take larger position of power in the United States? I have just sent him one letter wherein I have told him to remain permanently in Germany and the German language countries. This is his best field, and I do not think that we shall change any of our managers throughout the world except as I shall direct.

(720404 – Letter to Rupanuga written from Sydney)

As we know today Hansadutta NEVER RETURNED ONCE after Harikesa Swami took over Germany and initiated his own disciples. In the 90s Hansadutta said he will be now again the Rtvik – Representative of the Acharya guy but invited to Germany for doing the initiation ceremonies he never came once.

Instead he start fighting with his godbrothers, claiming basically “Bhaktivedanta” -instead of calling oneself Prabhupadanuga- is the only bonafide name for Prabhupada followers.

Ex-Swami Rockstar

Hamsadutta calls nowadays himself as “Bhaktivedanta” besides claiming to be the approved Officiating Acharya of ISKCON. MORE:

Prabhupāda: I told him that “You cannot do so independent. You are doing nice, but not to do in the… You admit.” (pause) People complained against Haṁsadūta. Did you know that?

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: I’m not sure of the particular incidences, but I’ve heard general…

Prabhupāda: In Germany. In Germany.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: The devotees there.

Prabhupāda: So many complaints.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Therefore change is good.

Prabhupāda: No, you become guru, but you must be qualified first of all. Then you become.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Oh, that kind of complaint was there.

Prabhupāda: Did you know that?

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yeah, I heard that, yeah.

Prabhupāda: What is the use of producing some rascal guru?

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Well, I have studied myself and all of your disciples, and it’s clear fact that we are all conditioned souls, so we cannot be guru. Maybe one day it may be possible…

(770422R3-BOMBAY – April 22, 1977)

Now as “Representative of the Acharya” he adopted the popular karmi lifestyle…

Prabhupada disciple Guru-krpa speaks out

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  1. You call yourselves Prabhupadanugas but in fact refuses to obey the final order of 9 th July 1977 of Srila Prabhupada in regards to first and second initiations especially after Srila Prabhupada is no longer here with us . ( see Vrindavana conversation 28 th May 1977 where the Specially selected privilege committee of the GBC Satsarupa enquired.

    Satsarupa : By the votes
    of the present GBC. Then our next question concerns initiations in the future , particularly at that time when you’re no longer with us. We want to know how first and second initiation would be conducted.

    Prabhupada: Yes, I shall recommend some of you. After this is settled up , I shall recommend some of you to act as officiating acaryas ( who do you think Srila Prabhupada is recommending those (some of you (devotees) to ? Krishna of course.
    But you all rejects these 11 personalities personally recommended by Srila Prabhupada and instead select yourselves as the authorised representatives . Thereby all are disobedient miscreants. Yes ten of these personalities recommend ,refuses to abide by that order . And you all make fun of the one remaining rtvik representative of the acarya Srila Prabhupada. (Hansadutta dasa)
    Shame on you all !

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